posted on 08 Jun 2022 by songjia

An authoring tool that allows educators to effectively create learning content in multiple formats of different immersion levels.


The core design of the tool is to help educators create interactive learning content in multiple formats via a simple and familiar process. It lets users record demonstration videos with markers and only requires minimal user inputs of video segmentation to generate the following three formats (see Fig. 1) of interactive learning content automatically:


Fig. 1. (A) Video Format: a participant answering a multiple-choice question in a standalone web app, (B) Interactive Format: a participant interacting with cubes to complete a step of the learning content embedded in the Wikipedia page of tree sort, and (C) VR Format: a participant completing a step in VR.

Considering accessibility, we implemented the tool to run in a web browser on a computer without any installation. It has a minimalist UI (see Fig. 2), having four buttons for the tool’s major modes at the top, a viewing area for displaying authored content in the middle and a progress bar with editing and playing controls at the bottom.


Fig. 2. A video recording is being edited in the tool.

After setting up the markers, the authoring process could start with recording a regular demonstration video and afterwards have an edit-review loop on the video footage until the author is satisfied with the content and upload it to the server (see Fig. 3). The content could be used as a standalone web app or be embedded into existing web pages. Learners could access the content online in the preferred format (see Fig. 1).


Fig. 3. Tool Authoring Process

Live demo:

Author app (tree sort)

Learner app (tree sort)

We are currently running studies with educators, learners and developers to evaluate their user experience with XRAuthor.



Usable artifact

[WIP] An open source tool of XRAuthor to create learning content of multiple formats by using a simple webcam.


[WIP] A report of user studies about the new authoring tool.