Research Fellow / Engineers, Centre for Immersification

We are primarily looking to fill a number of Research Fellow positions. Fresh PhDs looking to fulfill a postdoctoral traineeship are also highly encouraged to apply.

Although we are inclined towards candidates with research qualifications, we do not exclude candidates with a strong computer science or engineering background, who are able to demonstrate a keen passion for research or development in this immersification space and related areas of Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Edge Computing.

Please send in your CV directly to Chek( or Jeannie( These include positions under the Centre’s collaboration with SIT’s Future Communications TransLab (FCTL).

Job Purpose

The Centre for Immersification at SIT is looking for researchers who share a passion in the technology of alternate realities.

The Research Fellow will work amongst a diverse team of faculty members, engineers, industry partners and students to investigate how immersive technologies can make an impact in real world scenarios.

SIT has a strong applied research focus in immersive technologies, with a diverse pool of inter-disciplinary projects that work hand-in-hand with their industry partners.

The Centre for Immersification is established jointly by SIT and IMDA to develop horizontal capabilities that aim to address common deep research problems across current and future applied immersification projects.

The work of the Research Fellow will not only surface in published papers, but also manifest as potentially open-sourced libraries that the industry and community can utilize.

Key Responsibilities

Job Requirements

(note that stellar candidates with a Bachelors in related domains will also be considered for Research Engineer positions)

Key Competencies

SIT Student Developer Internships

We are looking for highly-motivated SIT students who are looking to apply their knowledge and skills in developing cutting-edge technology using eXtended Reality (AR/VR/MR), AI and Edge Computing approaches, augmented by Design Thinking methods. These technologies will be developed for innovation projects under SIT in collaboration with industry partners like NVIDIA and LTA.

Interested SIT students please send Chek or Jeannie an email, after which we will establish the contract through the READYTALENT PORTAL. Note that this internship is only available for current students in SIT programmes.

Work scope

The prospective candidates will work in an agile scrum team to contribute towards working prototypes in sprints. Expected deliverables of each sprint will be determined via user stories in the sprint planning stages of each sprint, and reviewed in the respective sprint review stages.

The student will work under the supervision of an ICT faculty and will work in an inter-disciplinary team consisting of various faculty, research fellows/engineers as well as practitioner collaborators in immersive technologies and related areas (e.g., AR/VR solution providers).

The projects may also interact with colleagues from the Centre for Learning Environment and Assessment Development (CoLEAD) ( and the Centre for Digital Enablement (CoDE) (

Example Tasks: Software Engineer Interns

Example Tasks: UX Researcher Interns

What type of student are we looking for

Certainly, the student is not expected to be well-versed in everything, but some experience in the above is advantageous. No prior knowledge of AR/VR is required. We are looking for students who have a keen interest in this research domain. The student’s attitude towards learning is the most important, followed by their technical foundations.


This internship will be paid based on an hourly wage of $12-$15.

The duration and working hours are negotiable.