VR Air Traffic Control Training System

posted on 12 Dec 2020 by Alvin

A scalable and intelligent VR tutoring system for Air Traffic Control Training.


Having a well-trained workforce in managing the operations of a world-class airport, and a responsive military air force to protect our air space is paramount to maintaining Singapore as a world-class city. The role of Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) in ensuring the safety of flights cannot be overstated.

(We apologize that much of the data in the actual research artifacts cannot be shown here, hence the content in the images/videos shown in this article may not reflect our research outputs.)

This project makes advancement in ATC training through the use of virtual reality to create an immersive visualization of air traffic control tower that supports two modes of training: self-paced and instructor-paced. Importantly, the seamless digitization of the training process makes it possible to track, monitor and analyze the trainee’s profile. This would empower the training academy to better support the decision making process in terms of personalizing the training profile for each ATC.

The project aims to design and implement a VR-based air traffic control training platform that would significantly improve and optimize the ATC Air Traffic Controllers)( training process. Specific objectives include:



Provided real-world project problem statements and industry interactions for a DigiPen undergraduate VR module.


This research is supported by a Translational R&D and Innovation Fund (TIF) award from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore.