Mixed Reality for Design and Finite Element Analysis

posted on 16 Jun 2021 by jeannie

A 3D Mixed Reality user interface for enabling design engineers to visualise normally unforeseen forces and interactions of parts assembly and/or structural analysis. The interface is currently build on Microsoft HoloLens and HoloLens 2 and built with Unity.


Most of the engineering design and finite element analysis (FEA) or stress analysis is first conducted on a two-dimensional screen with computer-aided design (CAD) software, and the parts are then manufactured to assemble the prototype. Often times, the prototype reveals deficiencies not previously anticipated due to the lack of a realistic representation of the entire assembly in its designated actual site - that is sorely lacking in a 2D CAD software visualization.

The aim is to utilize mixed reality, through the use of Microsoft Hololens, to aid design engineers in testing out their designs and assemblies to ensure feasibility. The project involves the development and creation of a 3D mixed reality user interface for visualization of mechanical parts assembly and/or structural analysis, stress and forces on mechanical parts. This project is a collaboration with HOPE Technik and HelloHolo.



Singapore Airshow 2022


This work was funded by an Ignition Grant from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).