Extensible Emergency Preparedness Platform

posted on 01 Jul 2021 by Nisha

[NEW Project] A gamified VR platform for emergency preparedness training adaptable to various emergency scenarios.


We aim to develop a comprehensive gamified VR platform by creating a smart simulation for emergency preparedness adaptable to various emergency scenarios.

Conventionally, regimens of training including drills, tabletop exercises, functional exercises and full-scale exercises are being used to prepare for emergency preparedness. These procedures are usually far from fast moving reality where the variables impacting the emergency can be three pronged including environment, situation as well as responses of individuals caught in the situation.

We aim to develop a novel framework which will integrate the major components of various emergency preparedness into a single modular architecture. The objective of this project is to simulate a generic framework which offers either single or multi-player mode along with self-learning computer generated participants. We utilize Virtual Reality for ensuring immersive experience for the participants.



This is a new project where we are still looking to hire Research Engineers!

Please watch this space.


This work is funded by an Ignition Grant from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).