SIT Research Positioning


WHAT is our mandate?


Problems with using immersive technologies

Problems with creating immersive technologies


HOW are we doing this?

Immersification Horizontals


Developing Competitive Research Capabilities


Collaborations with EdTech and Virtual Campus

Prospective research questions with CoLEAD;

Prospective research questions with CoDE:

Prospective research questions with FCTL:


Building a Community repoSITory


Immersions are large-ish events co-organized with IMDA that brings together SIT project researchers and PIXEL industry practitioners.

Immersive Round Tables are monthly meetings to make sure we keep advancing in our Centre goals.

The Z-axis consists of regular gatherings of various formats that help build our research skills.

The z-axis is this additional research dimension that all of us need but is sometimes hard to get our heads around, just like how math gets much harder in 3D but we can’t really survive in this world with 2 axes only.